YouTube picture-in-picture support for iOS not coming ‘in a matter of days’

Update 04/11/2022 2:18pm ET: It turns out that @TeamYouTube‘s tweet was in reference to YouTube TV and not the standalone YouTube app. Picture-in-picture support for all iOS 15+ devices using the YouTube TV app is rolling out now. As for the YouTube app, picture-in-picture support is still limited to premium subscribers on Android.

Original story below:

All iPhone users running iOS 15 or later would soon be able to enjoy YouTube in picture-in-picture mode, according to a Tweet from @TeamYouTube. The feature will allow you to continue watching videos in a floating window while you use your device for other activities.

While picture-in-picture has been available as a feature on iOS and iPadOS since the launch of iOS 14, enabled in apps like Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV, the feature was never implemented on YouTube.

Back in June 2021, YouTube said that it will add the feature for all premium users, and that it has plans to enable the feature for all users in the future. Now, according to @TeamYouTube‘s tweet, the feature will be available to all iOS 15+ devices “in a matter of days.”

Picture-in-picture availability has been spotty for iOS users recently. Some resorted to using the service on their web browser, while others have enjoyed picture-in-picture on their Android devices since 2017. Knowing that the feature will soon be enabled for all iOS 15+ users is a sigh of relief for everyone who has been waiting for the feature to drop since last year.

This comes soon after YouTube revamped the full-screen viewing experience on its iOS and Android apps.

Source: @TeamYouTube

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