Valve’s Steam Deck portable should start shipping at the end of February

Those disappointed when Valve revealed back in November that the Steam Deck’s release would be delayed until 2022 will be pleased to know that the gaming giant has confirmed that shipments will start in February.

Early pre-orders will likely ship in the February release window, with later orders arriving a few months later. Of course, given we’re still in a pandemic and chip shortage/manufacturing delays are common, there’s a possibility this shipping date could shift.

Valve also says that it shipped “hundreds” of Steam Decks to developers last month to ensure their titles are compatible with the handheld’s controls and AMD chip. Valve’s gaming retail platform Steam will also display a green checkmark on titles that have been tested and are compatible with the Steam Deck. As someone that was skeptical about game compatibility when the Steam Deck was first revealed, this is a good sign.

While it’s great to see Steam revealing more information about the Switch-like Steam Deck, it’s still unclear how much its dock that allows titles to be played on larger displays will cost.

Source: Valve

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