User spots Face unlock reference on Pixel 6 Pro

Google may be bringing face-scanning technology to its Pixel 6 Pro. Recently, a user discovered ‘Face Unlock’ when setting up their Pixel 6 Pro.

The feature was spotted on the “Choose a screen lock” stage, where you have to specify a backup screen lock method. Alongside the typical pattern, pin and password, each option also includes a fingerprint and “Face,” setting.

The user wasn’t able to set up face unlock in this phase or later.

Following this, 9to5Google did some digging into Android 12 and discovered that coding had been hidden within the Pixel 6 Pro since its initial build back in October.

Back in October, German and UK retailers had marketing material that indicated the Pixel 6 offered face unlock. However, the material was apparently incorrect.

It’s unclear if the Pixel 6 Pro will get the update in the future or what exactly is going on.

Source: 9to5Google

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