Tesla increases the prices of Model 3, Model S, and Model X in Canada

Tesla has increased the Canadian listing price of many of its vehicles, including the Model 3. The price changes vary from $600 to upwards of $3000 depending on the model.

In a full breakdown, provided by Tesla North, the Model 3, Model S, and Model X ranges all face price increases in Canada. The list of new prices, alongwith previous price tags, are as follow:

Model 3
RWD — $61,380 to $61,980 (+$600)
Long Range — $71,990 to $74,990 (+$3,000)
Performance — $81,490 to $83,990 (+$2,500)

Model S
Long Range– $128,990 to $129,590 (+$600)
Plaid — $177,990 to $178,590 (+$600)

Model X
Long Range — $146,990 to $147,590 (+$600)
Plaid — $184,290 to $185,590 (+$1,300)

As noted in the report the $600 price increase affecting many of Tesla’s models is the freight delivery fee which is jumping from $1,280 to $1,880. This makes for the smallest impact across Tesla’s Model 3 RWD, the entirety of the Model S line, and the Model X Long Range.

The vehicle that stands to see the biggest price increase is Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range. Tesla raises the price by $3,000. The Model 3 Performance is just shy of that with an increase of $2,500. Last up is the Model X Plaid, with a $1,300 increase.

Tesla hasn’t been shy to increase the prices of its vehicles. In March, the price of the Tri-Motor Model X was increased by more than $15,000. Many other models across Tesla’s Model 3, Model S, and Model X family also saw increases. However, the company is reportedly launching a cheaper Model Y option with a larger battery.

Throughout Q1, Tesla delivered over 310,000 vehicles, despite admitting it was an “exceptionally difficult” quarter for the company. Although the demand remains for Tesla’s vehicles, Tesla continues to struggle with supply chain issues.

Source: Tesla North

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