Telus partners with uOttawa to transform its campus into a ‘5G-connected innovation hub’

The University of Ottawa has just announced that it’s signing a five-year partnership with Telus to transform its campus into a “5G-connected innovation hub.” The partnership will see Telus invest $6 million, enabling 5G technology across uOttawa’s multiple campuses, and allowing for better research and innovation at one of Canada’s top universities.

“This collaboration will not only fuel multidisciplinary research to advance global health and life-saving diagnostics and treatments and cyber security, but will also transform uOttawa campuses and enrich the student experience through new curriculums and teaching methods as students participate in cutting-edge research leveraging the power of 5G,” reads Telus’ press release about the partnership.

According to the news release, the two are also in talks to extend the partnership to include two on-campus 5G research labs to aid in researching new technologies like applications to monitor patient health, smartphone applications for mobile monitoring, digital health systems, the detection of cyber threats and cyberattacks in real-time and to do real-time analytics on traffic patterns, dangerous road conditions, and unexpected weather occurrences.

Learn more about the partnership here.

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Source: University of Ottawa

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