Scream to release on January 14 in Canadian theatres that are open

Scream (also known as 5cream) will only play in theatres in certain parts of Canada.

According to a tweet from Barry Hertz, The Globe and Mail’s deputy arts editor/film editor, the anticipated horror movie will premiere on January 14th in Canadian theatres that are currently open.

This means that moviegoers in Ontario and Quebec will be out of luck as both provinces’ theatres are entirely closed amid the ongoing COVID-19 Omnicron variant surge.

Further, according to Hertz, the film will not receive an early premium video on demand release (PVOD) on platforms like iTunes and Google Play in these specific regions but will play in Ontario/Quebec when theatres re-open.

Cineplex recently announced that it has temporarily laid off nearly 5,000 part-time employees in Ontario due to the province’s mandated closure of theatres.

Scream takes place 25 years after a streak of murders occurred in the town of Woodsboro, California, with a new killer donning the Ghostface mask and targeting a group of teenagers. Notably, Guelph, Ontario’s own Neve Campbell reprises her Scream series role of Sidney Prescott in the new film.

Image credit: Paramount

Source: @HertzBarry 

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