Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 concept features S Pen and new camera setup

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 was my favourite smartphone of 2021, so it’s cool to see how the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could build on its already established, well-received design.

The concept, designed by Waqar Khan, looks similar to the Z Fold 3 in several ways. The most significant changes are three protruding cameras on the rear instead of a more prominent camera bump, and storage for the S Pen.

Both changes make the handset look similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra in some ways. Alongside these changes, there’s a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and an in-display camera, just like the Z Fold 3.

Last year, Samsung announced the Z Fold 3 on August 11th, so we still have several months before we’ll know for sure what the Z Fold 4 might look like.

Source: Waqar Khan 

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