Public Mobile to revamp its online customer forum

Public Mobile is making changes to its online forum.

Called “Community,” it’s a place where Public Mobile customers can ask questions to fellow users online.

Details on what the changes entail are sparse but there are a couple of timelines to keep in mind.

The changes will happen between January 4th and 7th. The company warns users may experience “odd updates” during this time, but the changes are all in anticipation of the big reveal.

Customers won’t be able to sign into their Community accounts or submit a ticket for assistance between 12am and 9:30am ET on January 4th.

All emails and real-time notifications coming from the forum will be disabled between January 4th and 7th. Customers who reached out to a customer support agent will receive an SMS over the usual email.

Customers who need to submit a ticket but are unable to receive an SMS can provide the company with a temporary number or check their private messages periodically.

The organization will make an announcement when the new forum is ready to be used.

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