Ocarina of Time PC port now available

A group of fan modders has released a PC port of Nintendo’s iconic N64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Per developer Harbour Masters, the PC port offers HD graphics, ultra-widescreen resolution, modding support, keyboard support and more. Text-to-speech, 60fps support, twin-stick camera support and other features are also in the works.

The PC port runs on software called ‘Ship of Harkinian,’ which was released on Harbour Master’s Discord server earlier this week. Essentially, Ship of Harkinian takes a legally-sourced N64 ROM of Ocarina of Time and uses those assets to create a native PC version.

It’s this specific process that should, in theory, protect Harbour Masters from Nintendo, which is notorious for taking legal action against fan projects based on its work. As Ship of Harkinian is a reverse engineering project, it’s technically legal, since it doesn’t use any leaked or copyrighted assets from Nintendo.

Outside of the planned updates for the Ocarina of Time PC port, Harbour Masters says work on a PC version of the game’s sequel, Majora’s Mask, is about 45 percent complete.

It’s worth noting that both games are available on the Nintendo Switch through the Switch Online service’s $63.99 CAD/year membership. However, these are the original N64 versions, not the 3DS remakes.

Via: VGC

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