New evidence supporting the existence of the Google Pixel Watch emerges

Evan Blass, infamously known for his accurate leaks and insider information, has shown new evidence regarding the Google Pixel Watch. The unannounced device has long been rumoured about. Blass shares a screenshot with a direct reference to its “Rohan” codename.

On Twitter, Blass shared an image with a broken JPG. The name referred to in the screenshot is “Google Pixel Rohan.” For quite some time now, rumours and previous reports pegged “Rohan” as the internal codename for Google’s Pixel smartwatch. Next to the Google Pixel Watch codename is another reference to the name along with the drop-down referring to Wear OS 3.1. “Won’t be long now,” Blass wrote in the tweet.

Blass has a great reputation for obtaining insider knowledge in tech. Given how reliable he has been in the past, this piece of evidence does join a growing pile pointing to the watch’s existence.

Google has been rumoured to have been working on the Pixel Watch for many years. However, over the more recent months, it’s become more clear that Google may be getting ready for an imminent reveal. In January, Jon Prosser claimed that a May 26th event will be held by Google. Here, the company may reveal the smartwatch.

According to reports, the Google Pixel Watch will run on a version of Google’s Wear OS 3. It’s interesting that the screenshot mentions Google Wear OS 3.1, even though OS 3.2 is available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series

Renders also indicate that it will feature a minimalist design with a slim, circular watch face. It’s likely to feature a crown on the side. Much like the Apple Watch, Google may look into an assortment of proprietary watch bands as well.

There have also been talks that the Pixel Watch features a next-gen iteration of Google Assistant. Mentions of “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” have been found, leading to assumptions it supports proprietary Android features.

There’s still no firm confirmation that Google will unveil the Google Pixel Watch in May. However, as the evidence continues to flow in, there is more of a reason to be excited about the possibilities.

Image credit: @jon_prosser

Source: AndroidAuthority

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