New Apple Watch Series 7 ad focuses on life-saving potential during emergencies

Apple has debuted a brand new one-minute-long ad that focuses on the Apple Watch Series 7 and its emergency call feature. While safety features of the Apple Watch have always been showcased, this ad is especially dark.

In the ad, we hear the conversations between 911 operators and three Apple Watch owners who are assumed to be facing death. One caller frantically explains they’ve been in a car accident and the vehicle is flipped and filling with water. The second was paddleboarding and the winds pushed them out to sea. Finally, the last fell 21 feet at their farm and broke their leg.

It’s explained that each one of them was alone and without direct help in the situation. All three called 911, explained their situation and were provided assistance. “With the help of their watch, Jason, Jim, and Amanda were rescued in minutes,” the Apple ad states in its conclusion. Although we only hear audio throughout the ad, it’s still a very grim, yet apt look at unexpected dangers that may arise and how wearable technology can have life-saving potential. That said, it doesn’t make listening to these assumedly real conversations any easier to hear.

Apple has always highlighted the safety features of the Apple Watch. They’ve become staples in the marketing. From its fall detection to heartbeat monitoring, the Apple Watch can provide many benefits. However, this is the first time Apple has used life or death as a direct marketing strategy.

The Apple Watch Series 7 can make emergency SOS calls when in a bind. However, it is mandatory that the wearable has a cellular connection or is near an iPhone or set up for Wi-Fi calling on a network. Of course, the Apple Watch can be a useful device to make an emergency call. Though, so can an iPhone or other smartphone. It may be more likely that someone in danger reaches for their phone on instinct.

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