Nest Hub Max’s new ‘Look and Talk’ feature lets you skip out on “Hey Google”

At Google I/O 2022, the company is bringing some pretty cool features to the Nest Hub Max.

The first functionality is called ‘Look and Talk,’ which will allow users the ability to invoke the Google Assistant without saying “Hey Google.” Instead, all you have to do is look at the Nest Hub Max and start talking.

With machine learning models Google was able to learn 100 signals to process user intent, by analyzing things like gaze detection, head orientation, proximity, semantics, and even using the Pixel 6’s ‘Real Tone’ for those with darker skins. With all of this, Google will be able to determine if a user is speaking to the Nest Hub Max or someone else nearby.

This feature is coming to the Nest Hub Max devices connected with Android handsets later this week. It’s coming to iOS users in the next few weeks. It’s worth noting that you can opt-in and out of this feature if you find it too invasive.

Another feature with Assistant and the Nest Hub Max is ‘Quick Phrases.’ Quick Phrases is already available on the Pixel 6, but with the Nest Hub Max, Quick Phrases, you’ll be able to turn off lights, and kitchen timers, or even ask about the weather without even looking at the Nest Hub Max.

Assistant also now better understands when people stumble and mess up when they speak. The speaker, Sissie Hsiao, gave us an example of how she incorrectly got the name of an artist wrong and stumbled while speaking. Google Assistant understood that she stumbled, encouraged her to keep speaking and understood the incorrect name of the artist.

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