Mark Zuckerberg reveals neural interface wristband that will control future smart glasses

Meta could be developing a new control method for smart glasses.

Mark Zuckerberg, the tech giant’s CEO, has revealed that his company is working on a new pair of smart glasses (not related to the Meta Quest) with eyewear company Essilor Luxottica that works in tandem with a neural interface wristband, as seen in the post below:

In the post, Essilor Luxottica’s chairman Leonardo Del Vecchio can be seen sporting a wristband that would reportedly allow you to control other devices, including the smart glasses the two companies are developing.

“Here Leonardo is using a prototype of our neural interface EMG wristband that will eventually let you control your glasses and other devices,” reads Zuckerberg’s post.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about the wristband prototype. Back in March 2021, Facebook revealed in a blog post that users who wear the band will be able to interact with the virtual world with finger gestures and movements. Facebook, at the time, referred to these gestures as ‘clicks.’

No other information about the prototype was shared, though we do know that Meta aims to release a total of four VR (Virtual Reality) headsets by 2024, with the first one of them reportedly releasing as soon as September of this year. Read more about it below:

Image credit: Tech at Meta

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Via: Reuters

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