LG reportedly producing displays for Apple’s rumoured foldable notebook

Apple is reportedly working with LG’s Display arm to develop foldable displays for MacBooks and iPads. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the two companies joining forces to produce foldable screens.

Back in September 2021, reports suggested that the Apple and LG were working together to develop displays for the former’s first foldable smartphone. While nothing concrete is yet, we do know that Apple likely wants to deploy LG’s ‘Real Folding Window‘ display material to its eventual folding smartphone.

‘Real Folding Window’ display is as durable as glass yet as flexible as plastic, and avoids fold creases, something Apple might be interested in avoiding considering its obsession with perfection.

That’s all old news, however. This update focuses more on displays for MacBooks and iPads. According to TheElecLG is supplying 17-inch foldable notebook OLED panels HP later this year. The report says that the panel will be 4K, and measure about 11-inch when folded. The report then goes on to mention that LG is “also collaborating with Apple” on a foldable OLED panel.

The report ends by saying “The panel is being designed for tablets and notebooks with ultra-thin glass as the cover window instead of polyimide.”

We already know that Apple is working on a 20-inch foldable 2-in-1 MacBook, according to reputable display analyst Ross Young (Display Supply Chain Consultants). Young’s report also suggests that the foldable display will be 4K, which matches the panels LG is producing.

Whatever device Apple and LG might be developing a foldable display for, Young says we shouldn’t expect to see it in the market before 2026 or 2027.

Source: TheElec

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