Leaked renders show off Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’ and cheaper Pro Display XDR

Just ahead of Apple’s March 8th event more information has started to appear regarding the tech giant’s high-end version of the Mac mini, the ‘Mac Studio,’ and possibly, even a cheaper version of the Pro Display XDR.

According to YouTuber Luke Miani, who also reports that Apple plans to reveal a green version of the iPhone 13 during its upcoming event, the Mac Studio will look similar to two Mac minis stacked on each other.

The Mac Studio reportedly features a brushed metal design, rounded edges and vents running around its base. It’s likely that the device will feature Apple’s powerful M1 Pro/Max, though some rumours point to it coming equipped with a new M2 chip or a more powerful version of the M1 Max.

Along with the new Mac Studio, Miani also reports that Apple is working on a cheaper version of the Pro Display XDR that measures in at 27-inches diagonally. According to Miani, the device doesn’t feature the Pro Display XDR’s lattice pattern or its pricey Pro stand.

Though this display is expected to be cheaper than the Pro Display XDR ($6,299) it’s unclear how much it will cost). Given Apple working on a standalone display aimed at consumers has been rumoured for several years now, there’s likely at least some level of truth to this report. Apple’s Thunderbolt Display was sold from 2011 – 2016 and was nearly universally positively received by users.

Though Miani has a bit of a spotty history when it comes to Apple leaks, 9to5Mac also reported on both the Mac Studio and the cheaper version of the Pro Display XDR last week.

Image credit: Luke Miani (YouTuber)

Source: Luke Miani (YouTube) Via: 9to5Mac

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