Here’s how much the iPhone SE (2022) costs at Canadian carriers

One of the big announcements at Apple’s March 8th ‘Peek Performance’ event was a new iPhone SE. If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to get your hands on one of these bad boys, read on.

Buying the iPhone SE from Apple

The best way to get an iPhone SE will almost certainly be to buy it outright from Apple, where it starts at $579 in Canada for the 64GB model (keep that price in mind while reading through the carrier prices below).

It’s also worth noting that the iPhone SE is available for pre-order now and will release on March 18th.

You can learn more about pre-ordering the iPhone SE from Apple here.

Buying the iPhone SE from Canadian carriers

Several Canadian carriers also have the iPhone SE available for pre-order, and will also offer the phone starting March 18th. We’ve included a list of iPhone SE pricing at various carriers below.

If a carrier isn’t listed, chances are they haven’t released information about purchasing an iPhone SE yet — stay tuned for updates.


The iPhone SE starts at $0 down with a $24.80/mo financing cost (which works out to $595.20 over 24 months).

Alternatively, Bell sells the phone outright for $595.08.

You can check it out here.


Telus has the iPhone SE starting at $0 down and $24.79/mo financing ($594.96 over two years).  Telus charges $595 for the iPhone SE outright. Telus is also offering up to six months of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade with purchase.

You can check it out here.

Virgin Plus

iPhone starts at $0 down and $24.80/mo financing at Virgin ($595.20 total) or $595.08 outright.

Learn more here.


Like its parent company, Koodo is offering six months of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade with the iPhone SE.

Koodo’s pricing, on the other hand, isn’t terrible. The provider doesn’t do device financing — instead, it uses a ‘Tab’ system where customers can put an amount of the phone’s cost on the Tab and pay that back over 24 months.

On Koodo’s Tab Plus, the iPhone SE costs $0 upfront with a $24/mo Tab charge ($576 total). Customers who want to pay less each month can go with ‘Tab Mid’ and pay $216 upfront and $15/mo Tab, or ‘Tab Basic’ at $336 upfront and $10/mo Tab charge.

Outright, the iPhone SE costs $595 at Koodo.

Learn more here.

Freedom Mobile

The iPhone SE starts at $0 down and $14/mo My Tab charge on a $50/mo plan ($336 over 24 months). Outright, Freedom charges $595 for the phone.

Learn more here.

Shaw Mobile

Shaw Mobile has the iPhone SE available, but it’s worth noting that pricing for both the phone and your plan depends on your Shaw internet plan. The base option appears to be $0 upfront for the iPhone SE and $14/mo on Shaw’s ‘MyTab’ ($336 over 24 months) with a $45/mo plan.

Learn more here.


iPhone SE starts at $0 upfront and $22.96/mo on the ‘easyTab’ ($551.04 over 24 months). Eastlink charges $551 outright for the phone.

Learn more here.


At SaskTel, the iPhone SE is available for $0 down and $4.17/mo ($100.08 over 24 months) on the carrier’s ‘Plus Pricing’ with a two-year ‘Voice & Data’ plan. The iPhone SE costs $594.99 outright.

Learn more here.

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