Halo Infinite glitch reportedly unlocks campaign co-op, players urged not to attempt

Halo Infinite’s campaign has been available for a few weeks at this point and has been met with an overall positive reception. However, one core feature of the campaign has been delayed until 2022 — co-op. 343 Industries said it wasn’t going to be available at launch. However, a new glitch shows two players exploring Zeta Halo together.

On Reddit, a user posted a 30-second video of two players playing through the campaign together. The poster stated the video originated from a Facebook group. It was also said the players “did it by accident and are currently looking into how to replicate it.”

While the original team of Spartans has been unable to guide the community on how to glitch their game, others have taken it upon themselves to see if they can reproduce it. One Reddit user responding to the original post is said to have been successful. That said, in a follow-up, the user states the glitch caused all progress to become corrupted. “I broke all my saves trying to reproduce this glitch,” the user claimed.

The method in question was then used by other members of the Halo community with an equal mix of corruption or the glitch not working. Scouring through comments and social media posts, I’ve yet to stumble on anyone who’s gained an overall positive experience out of the glitch.

Personally, even a successful reproduction of the glitch doesn’t seem to warrant the corruption of the progress made on a save. Personally, after doing a 100 percent run, grabbing collectibles and skulls, the last thing I’d want is to lose the progress.

As others have noted on the Reddit thread, it may be worth letting others be the guinea pigs. 343 Industries have claimed that co-op will be available later in 2022 along with Infinite’s Forge multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite is currently available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Reddit (ElPinoles2922) Via: ComicBook

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