Google’s latest Pixel 6 ad starring Simu Liu goes live today

Mississauga, Ontario’s very own Simu Liu, is starring in Google’s latest Pixel 6 ad, which starts airing today on select English broadcast channels like TSN, Sportsnet, HGTV and the W Network, among others.

What’s unique about the ad is that it’s in Liu’s native tongue, Mandarin.

While the ad may not be decipherable if you just listen to it, accompanying subtitles should make understanding it easier. Google’s main objective with the ad is to show that Canada is quickly evolving into a multi-lingual country where languages shouldn’t be a barrier. “Language is one of the most universal experiences we share— but, sometimes it becomes a frustrating barrier. With the help of technology, people should be able to overcome language barriers and connect with the world around them in new and meaningful ways,” reads Google’s blog post about the new ad.

One of the main talking points about the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is its ‘Live Translation,’ and the ad specifically focuses on the ‘Interpreter Mode’, which can provide “simple translation of in-person conversations directly on the device.” Learn more about the Pixel 6’s Live Translation capabilities here.

The new Mandarin ad campaign starring Simu goes live today, January 24th. The ad will appear alongside Google’s recently-announced French-language campaign featuring Canadian Tennis Star Leylah Fernandez.

Image credit: Google Canada

Source: Google

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