Freedom Mobile user manages to get 30GB/$50 due to new Spring Sale

Freedom’s Spring sale features limited-time offers for new customers purchasing a device, but it seems that a RedFlagDeals user has managed to get themselves an even better promotion.

For new customers purchasing a new device, Freedom Mobile is offering 15GB of Big Gig Unlimited for $40 per month, and 18GB of Big Gig Unlimited for $45 per month.

However, a RedFlagDeals user says that a rep offered them two options after they spoke to customer support in iMessage. The user said they offered them a 15GB/$45 or 10GB bonus for their existing plan so 30GB/$50. (The RedFlagDeals user said they previously had $50 for 20GB with the company’s school sale.)

These plans also include the ‘Digital Discount’ that gets users $5 off if they use pre-authorized payments.

If you head to Freedom Mobile and contact their support, you might be as lucky as this user.

Source: RedFlagDeals, Freedom Mobile

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