Ford almost doubling F-150 Lighting production, still won’t meet demand

Ford can’t keep up with the demand for the upcoming Lightning electric F-150 truck, and it just doubled its production goals for 2022.

The legacy automaker has increased the Lightning Truck’s output to 150,000 per year to help meet the demand of its 200,000 reservation holders. The company’s press release says that it will start offering reservation holders the opportunity to buy the truck over the next few months. In total, roughly 50,000 pre-order holders will need to turn down the opportunity to buy the truck or there won’t be enough available at launch.

Ford is hoping to build out its electric vehicle (EV) production capacity over the next two years to build over 600,000 cars per year by 2025. While the Lighting production is just starting, the automaker aims to bump up its Mach-E output to 200,000 cars by 2023.

Source: Ford

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