Fido changes plans again, adds $58/15GB offer and removes ‘starter’ designation

Rogers flanker brand Fido has once again changed up its plans. This time around, the wireless provider has changed over its $60/12GB plan to a $58/15GB plan, matching an offer provided by Koodo and Virgin Plus.

Interestingly, Fido also appears to have ditched its ‘starter’ plans, moving those options up to be counted as regular plans.

Koodo and Virgin added a limited-time $58/mo plan with 15GB of data back on January 22nd. Initially, Koodo offered a $60/15GB plan with a $5/mo bill credit but later adjusted the pricing to match Virgin and dropped the bill credit. It’s worth noting that both Koodo and Virgin promote their plans as $58/10GB plans with a 5GB data bonus, not as 15GB plans.

Fido has finally joined the other two flanker brands in offering a $58/mo 10GB plan with a 5GB data bonus for 15GB total. Further, Fido doesn’t list the plan as a limited-time offer like the others, but given how frequently carriers change up plans, I imagine it won’t stick around for long. It’s worth noting that Fido seems to no longer offer the $5/mo bill credit it had on January 19th.

Moreover, Fido offered a $70/mo 15GB plan prior to January 19th. That just makes the $58/15GB offer even sweeter. All plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, call display, circle calling and voicemail.

As for the starter plans, Fido seems to have removed that ‘starter’ designation, although the plans appear to have similar restrictions — you can’t select them if you choose to buy a phone on contract from Fido. If you’re buying a phone (even a cheap one like the Moto G Power) you can only pick from Fido’s $52/8GB or $58/15GB plans. Bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers, however, can select any plan they want.

Beyond the removal of the ‘starter’ designation, the plans remain unchanged:

  • $37.50/mo 2GB
  • $41.25/mo 4GB
  • $45/mo 6GB

As I’ve mentioned before, these plans match the government’s price reduction targets from its wireless price tracking initiative. However, the ‘starter’ designation and the various restrictions applied to these plans by wireless providers — such as making them unavailable to customers who want a phone — make them less useful for Canadians. It will be interesting to see if Koodo and Virgin follow suit in removing the ‘starter’ designation from their plans.

You can check out all of Fido’s plans here.

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