Far Cry 6 is getting a Stranger Things crossover on March 24

Far Cry 6 is getting a new, free Stranger Things-themed mission on March 24th.

The Stranger Things event, titled “The Vanishing,” adds a “stealth-horror-survival gameplay experience to Far Cry players for the first time,” according to Ubisoft.

In it, players will find a version of Yara inspired by the Netflix series’ Upside-Down, which Dani must explore to find Chorizo and rescue abducted Yarans.

Alongside the crossover, Far Cry 6 is free from March 24th to March 27th. Additionally, the game will be 50 percent off for the weekend and the Seasons Pass will be 35 percent off.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s already a free trial of the game on the PlayStation Store, while the full game will remain 50 percent off until March 31st.

Source: Ubisoft

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