Elgato’s new capture card works with variable refresh rates

The HD60 X, Elgato’s latest video game capture card features an updated design with rear-facing HDMI/USB ports, but more importantly, compatibility with variable refresh rates (VRR).

This includes 1440p 60fps SDR, 1080p 60fps HDR, and pass through for up to 4K 60fps HDR, 1440p 120fps SDR and 1080p 240fps SDR. It’s also possible to capture 120fps in 1080p if you scale down 1080p 240fps footage.

The Xbox Series X supports VRR and Sony is working on bringing the feature to the PlayStation 5.

As someone who just purchased an Elgato HD60 S+ a few weeks ago, I’m not exactly pleased by the reveal of the HD60 X. However, I don’t own a monitor or TV that supports VRR, so I’m not missing out on much, though the rear-facing HDMI/USB ports would be great for cable organization.

The HD60 X costs $259.99 in Canada and is available to order now.

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