Canadians want streaming services to promote music made in Canada: study

A recent survey from rights management organization SOCAN shows Canadians want foreign social media companies to promote and invest in Canadian creations, including music, TV shows, and movies.

The advocate for musicians, artists, and publishers surveyed 1,510 Canadians 18 and older. While there was a strong consensus across Canada, a statement from the company shows residents of Quebec expressed the strongest sentiment.

While streaming services have been in Canada for the last decade, support has never been equitable.

For every dollar spent on music licenses from Canadian TV and radio broadcasters, 34 cents go towards Canadian songwriters and composers. In comparison, only 10 cents go towards artists for every dollar spent on licenses from online streaming services.

SOCAN says the situation worsens when looking at francophone musicians. They receive an average of seven percent royalties on traditional media but only 1.8 percent royalties on digital media.

“Canadian creators need support to continue to develop Canadian music in the world of streaming, and Canada must be a place for emerging music creators, where songwriters and composers can create, grow and thrive,” Jennifer Brown, SOCAN CEO, said in a statement.

The report also revealed younger Canadians showed the most support on the matter. While labelled as “surprising,” the report didn’t clarify what age groups were considered ‘younger.’

SOCAN says the recently introduced Online Streaming Act is a step in the right direction. Also known as Bill C-11, it looks to have streaming services follow similar rules to Canadian broadcasters.

The bill will “make it easier for Canadian audiences to find and engage with Canadian creators, giving our music a place in the world of streaming,” the organization said.

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Source: SOCAN

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