Apple’s AirPods Max are $180 off on Amazon Canada

Apple’s pricey AirPods Max are currently 23 percent off on Amazon Canada.

That’s right; Apple’s expensive over-ear headphones are $599.99, which is $180 off their original price.

This deal is only available for the ‘Sky Blue’ and ‘Green’ variants of the over-ear headphone.

The AirPods Max offer active noise cancellation to block outside noise and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking that provides a theatre-like audio experience.

In Patrick O’Rouke’s review of the headphones, he said the following:

“Despite their obvious issues, the AirPods Max are my favourite pair of over-ear headphones I’ve ever used. They’re extremely comfortable even if you’re wearing them for an entire day, look decidedly high-end and feature the best audio quality I’ve ever encountered in a pair of headphones.”

If you’re interested in buying AirPods Max, follow this link.

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