Acting legend Al Pacino uses an iPhone 13 with a Shrek case

While there hasn’t been a new Shrek film since 2010, that hasn’t stopped the internet from meme-ing the hell out of the green ogre for years.

Now, it looks like none other than Oscar winner Al Pacino has been getting in on the fun with a special Shrek-themed phone case.

On Instagram, Aquaman star Jason Momoa posted a photo of himself at a dinner with several other people, including Pacino, to celebrate a gallery opening for painter Julien Schnabel.

An unassuming photo at first glance, but naturally, nothing gets by the internet, and attention quickly turned to Pacino’s phone, an iPhone 13. Not only did the image confirm where the 81-year-old lands on the neverending iOS vs. Android debate, but it also showed a case with none other than Shrek himself.

Twitter user @cockagecore pointed out the case with a zoomed-in glance at Momoa’s original photo:

However, some were quick to point out that the actual image on the case is a bit hard to make out, so self-proclaimed Italian cinephile @katepenniman took it upon herself to fact-check. In this case, that meant going about as close to the source as you can get: Pacino’s daughter, Olivia.

In response, Olivia confirmed that her father does indeed have a Shrek phone case. “Yes it is hahah!!” the legendary actor’s daughter responded.

Interestingly, Pacino never lent his voice to any of the Shrek films or their Puss in Boots spin-offs, so it appears that he owns the case simply because he’s a Shrek stan.

Pacino can most recently be seen in last year’s House of Gucci, another meme-worthy film.

Image credit: Universal

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